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Property MaintenanceWe will look after your house and your guests

Property maintenance in Mallorca

At Apunto we will take care of your house in Mallorca and make sure you always find it in perfect condition when you come back to the island. Also, if you rent it out as a holiday home, we will take care of getting it ready and welcoming your guests.

Key holding

We liaise with the owner to allow access to the house when required: visits, repair work, deliveries, etc.

Checking over properties

We will perform a monthly maintenance check on your home: ensuring all the electrical appliances, alarm systems and sanitary installations are working properly, as well as airing the property and ensuring it is in perfect condition.

Preparing for arrival

We will get your home in Mallorca ready to receive you or your guests: thorough cleaning, laundry service, plugging in electrical appliances and anything else required.

Guest welcoming service

We will provide the guests staying at your holiday rental in Mallorca with access to the property: we will arrange to meet with them beforehand, take them to the house, show them around and tell them everything they need to know for a pleasant stay. And we will always be on hand in case any problems come up.

Legal services and paper work:

We will handle your paperwork with the local authorities and companies: paying invoices, setting up direct debits for basic services, bureaucratic formalities, etc. 

Request a free quote

Apunto is the ideal property management agency for you: get in touch with us and we will be pleased to send you a free quote.


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